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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Can anything go right?

My day yesterday was like a trainreck. My son has two cavities and I took him to the dentist yesterday to get them filled. When we arrived they did x-rays and found that one was getting bad and was very close to the "pulp" of the tooth. Everything was going good. He was excited about being there and then the dentist came in - and my son seemed to really like the dentist. The dentist gave him sunglasses so the light didn't shine in his eyes, a walkman I am assuming so that he did not hear the drilling, swab in mouth to numb the area. Everything was going great - to my surprise - then the shot came out. Which the doctor very nicely described as a straw with a mosquito at the end that was going to give him a little poke to make his tooth go to sleep. So the dentist told to squeeze his eyes shut and then he started the shot and my son cried and screamed but never moved. The dentist took the shot out and he could just not calm down. He said he didn't want to finish, no more mosquito and no getting the "cavity bugs" out. So we were at a stand still. The dentist tried to convince him the worst was over, but he was having none of that. So it did not get done. The dentist referred me to a pediatric dentist. So I started calling the ones in my area. The next appointment is January 2006! So what to do now? I am quite perplexed on where and what to do next. And he is not in a lot of pain, but some. And no mother likes there children to be in pain, it breaks your heart. So my whole day yesterday was just frustrating. Paying money for my child to not only be scared out of his mind, but also not have the problem fixed. I want to not think about it, however, I need to get it taken care of quickly.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why couldn't I of been an Heir?

Somedays being naturally rich looks oh so yummy!! I am tired of working - and that is so unfortunate since I probably have at least 30 more years of this. Life feels so blah as this age - I remember when life was fun - full of surprises - pick up and go! Well with a child it is pretty much , get up, work out, get ready for work, take him to daycare, drive to work, work, drive home, pick him up from daycare, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up from dinner, tv, bed - it seems there sould be more to life, there use to be, didn't there? Every day is the same, I do mix it up sometimes and work out at night instead of in the morning - yup - I am a rebel.
I remember when I would just call into work on a Friday and head up north for the weekend with some friends - no plans - just fun - there are days I want that back so badly. That being my youth I suppose - the whole you have to work to pay bills thing - getting old already!! And insurance - it costs a fortune - and do you need it most days - NO - but ya know what, the first time I dropped it - my son would break something - which by the way, so surprised that hasn't already happened.
Summer is coming quickly and that means a lot of outdoor play and for some reason so many death defying stunts. I did have a pround mom moment lately. He learned to tie his shoes. Which at first just was such a thrill, I was so excited, now - no so much. He takes FOREVER to tie his shoes, and in the morning, in which I am usually walking out the door exactly when I need to if not a minute or two after, and I hear almost mom. I need to work on patience, I use to have that too, gone all gone.

BTW - Mel congrats on getting through law school and especially on the Dean's List (you are such a smarty). So much to come with the bar and the wedding, I hope you enjoy every minute!!