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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I am not so good at this blogging stuff yet. I seem to read a lot more then write. I have found so many blogs that I enjoy reading!!

Well, in my attempt to be a better mom, I made my son a blanket this weekend. First of all, I should explain that I have absolutely no talent when it comes to making things. After my son was born I did do a scrapbook for my mother, which actually turned out pretty well, and I have been buying stamps and attemping to make cards and such. So this was my next step. I made the easiest blanket possible, a tie blanket. I bought panels instead of yards of fabric because he wanted Star Wars and Batman - so he has a panel of each so if he has it on one side it is a Star Wars blanket and if on the other a Batman blanket. So I cut and pinned and cut and tied. And all and all it went well. That day we went out with my grandma shopping and my son brought his blanket and she so wisely pointed out to me that tieing just once wasn't going to cut it. And I didn't even think about it, however, by the time we got home it was partically untied and so I started over and tied double knots in each one. Now it is fine. My son loves it and is sleeping with it every night. (If I could figure out how to put pics up, I would post a pic.) He plans to take it to Arizona next week. I have explained to him that a blanket that warm will not be needed, but he insists.

So I soon will have two weeks of freedom. My sister will be here from Arizona on Saturday and then she will take him to Arizona next Wednesday until I go to Arizona on August 12. Two weeks and it can all be about me. My sister is a wonderful human being - I am so thankful and excited to have time alone. And then to have a beautiful week in Arizona with sun and pool side. Although the whole getting into the suit thing is not on the top of my list as fun. This started last year and now she would like to have him again this summer. Her and her husband are trying to have a baby, but it has not worked out yet. So I have no problem with her borrowing mine until she can have her own. Because his dad is not in his life, this is the only time I really get to have alone, besides my 1/2 drive to work and home for work, in which time my road rage usually stressing me out. And you ask what I will do? Sleep - top of my list - because my son does not sleep he tends to get up way before I want to. And it will be nice to have some time alone with my mom also. Mel, get better and off the drugs so we can go drinking while I am child free for two weeks!! The bar exam will be done and drink should be flowing!!!