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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At the end of my rope ... With some decisions to make

So the parent-teacher conference was all I thought it would be. Jacob, believe it or not, is immature. A boy who is 5 years old is immature. Can't imagine that - since my ex-husband was still pretty immature at 33, and I sure now that he is 37, he is still immature. Anyhow, they would like him to repeat Kindergarten. Which I am not opposed to, it is just that when I hear that a 5 year old is immature it is like yeah, ok, that is a given, right? So now I have to decide if I feel he is too immature both behaviorally and academically to repeat Kindergarten. I just need to think about it for a few more months.

Now I get to go deal with the bus driver because he will not listen and talks to loud - I have no idea where he gets the loudness from - no idea at all. But this bus driver seems like she would rather peel gum from a subway wall rather then drive kids all day long. Seems to me she picked the wrong profession. So my day is oh so wonderful. I swear I don't think my kid is perfect, I guess I just don't think he is horrible.


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