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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I think I might be in love...

Ok - so it isn't with a man..or woman for that matter. It is with this newish radio station in my area. They play mostly late 70's, 80's and early 90's. Man it is like being young again. I mean REO, Sheriff, Journey, I know, I am old - but I am loving it. It makes my work day, oh so much better and I sing and smile, people go by and think I am crazy and leave me alone, so another bonus. Although, I find myself getting a lot of the songs stuck in my head and singing everywhere. And I do not sing so well, but my 5 year old doesn't seem to care to much. A couple of weeks ago I had Abracadabra stuck in my head for days. I just anticipate the next song. I want all of these songs on my MP3. It would then make the cleaning easier. Ok, so maybe love is too strong of a world...Maybe lust!!

On a totally different subject, I went on a field trip yesterday with my son and his class to the planetarium. He thought it was the coolest thing and all I could think was, didn't this place use to be bigger? Well, I think the last time I went I was not much older then what my son is now. I am sure he thought it was huge just like I did back then. The sad part is that I couldn't hear some of the presentation because two adult were snickering and laughing the whole time. And they say my son is immature for 5? Anyhow - the little one had a blast and I brought him back to work with me - which he loves and my co-workers love. He may be immature, but he is darn cute.


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