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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just another day in paradise

I have to find a new doctors office. I have been struggling with my weight, oh, forever. Last year in August one doctor put me on Synthyroid to regulate my thyroid. Then I went to the doctor for headaches a couple of weeks ago and he noticed from the test taken in July 2005 that I did not need the thyroid medicine, but that maybe my insulin levels were off. He didn't want to discuss it then because I had my child with me and asked me to come back. Since I have been exercising and eating well and still not losing weight, this was like a beacon of hope for me. So I went back last night to talk with him and while I think I probably do produce too much insulin and need help with that he was trying to sell me something. Gawd, it was so fustrating. So he first told me how healthy I was because my blood sugar is great and my cholesterol is great and blah blah blah. Then he said 'you are producing too much insulin so I am going to give you this pill and you will take it with two meal and then your third meal with be a protein shake'. I was like ok, I can do that, perfect. Then he tried to sell me the protein shakes through the doctors office which are like a least twice the price as at a whole food store or GNC. I told him I didn't have any money with me and he gave me a sample. What the hell? Now you get sold stuff at the doctors office. Oh and did I mention, he has no idea how I am getting the headaches even after a cat scan. So anyhow - I live in a small town there is not a lot of choices for doctors, but I think I need to just find one by my work - then I maybe I can find one that actual cares about treating me instead of selling me something. Plus, would catch something on test results, lets say, a little less then 8 months after tests are done!!

Ok, so my next new adventure. Hopefully this prescription will not cost me a small fortune without going through my insurance. I will try this just because at this point I will try anything. However, I will go to a whole foods store to buy the protein shake.

On to bigger and better things, my son's parent-teacher conference is tonight. I am not looking forward to it, because while he is pretty much were he needs to be academically, his behavior is not what the teacher would like it to be. Also, he goes to the "counselor" every Wednesday for a little bit, he had a hard time after my sisters baby died, so he starting going and now asks to go, and she will also be involved in the conference. Ok, I hope this isn't a "this is how you are screwing your child up" conference. I do try hard , I don't mean to screw him up, honestly. OK, so he is a little active, he interrupts, I got it, have I mentioned he is 5. So anyhow - I understand that he is being disruptive, do you understand that he is 5? Do you actually want to work with children? On top of all this I argue with them over the schedule constantly. He goes 1/2 day on Monday, all day Wednesday and all day Friday. I don't think this is a proper schedule for children. There is no consistency. Anyhow - He is on the whole punishment/reward thing for school. He seems to be doing well - guess we will find out tonight!!

I will try to keep this updated with progress - hopefully it will keep me on track!


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