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Thursday, March 09, 2006

You can't pick your family...

Man oh man, I am going insane. A nervous breakdown to follow...

While today should be all happy happy joy joy, because it is my birthday!! My family is driving me crazy. My aunt is getting worse and today is having a hard time breathing, she would like to be put on a ventilator. She has voiced over and over, do WHATEVER it takes to keep her alive. So now the whole family is gathering at the hospital to make the made the decision, leave her alone. They are driving me crazy - did I mention that? Last week my aunt had to have her leg amputated. It turned black and they determined that it was probably gangrene, so they felt the best option was to take her leg. Now the cancer that has developed back in her lungs is making it so she can not breathe. Her 41st birthday was on March 8th, I guess she had a great time with cake and ice cream and a lot of family. I am glad her last one was great. I know that was weighing very heavily on the minds of her, her husband and children. They all went into the day knowing this was the very last birthday they would celebrate with her.

The benefit, while going well, is also driving me crazy because my one aunt thinks she should make all the decisions and could possibly be costing the family money instead of gathering money for them. I am trying very hard to do whatever I can, but slapping about half my family right now sounds soo much better.


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