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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Smiles all around

I am glad to report that all is going so great with the new schedule. My son is so much happier and thrilled to be dropped off at my friend's house. That is so much better then, "Mom, can you stay home today?" That breaks my heart. I would love to be able to stay home with my son everyday. It would be so wonderful, however, I really need to work so that I can do little things like provide insurance and, ya know, buy food. I love to see my son happy, it is that best feeling in the world. So when I drop him off and his kisses me and gives me a hug and then runs in the other direction, it is thrilling.

The tickets have been booked (and paid for - thank you IRS) and we are all set to go to Arizona in June. I am looking forward to spending time with my sister and for Jacob to be able to spend time with her also. He absolutely loves her, more then he loves me sometimes, well so he says!! They are a lot alike for only seeing each other a few times a year. Their personalities are so similar, it is scary!! Which is good, if my son turns out to be like my sister, it would be a blessing! She is a wonderful person, and she is very smart.

Anyhow, thought I would bring some good news to my site. I read through and realized how depressing it was lately. Everything is going very well right now. JJ is loving his new "daycare", loving the homeschooling and really loving me getting him onto the bus two days a week. And I am loving that he is so darn happy. And I am loving that in about two months, I will have two weeks to do whatever, whenever!! It will be soo nice!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Making Changes...

I feel for the last five years my life I have went through many, many changes. I guess when you have a child that is what life is like. My son starting going to my best friends house this week rather then daycare. He was having a hard time at the daycare he was at, so this is very good for him. My best friend homeschools her three children. So now my son will have some consistency, at least with learning. The person who ran his last daycare did not do much with the children with learning, or playing for that matter. I think in the 7 months he went there they may have went out side 10 times. Anyhow, I am glad for the change, but it is another change, which takes time to get use to. I live about 20 miles away from this friend and then her home is about 15 miles from my work, so up early, driving more, but better - really! The only day that is hard is Mondays, because the town I live in has a very screwed up schedule for Kindergarten. He attends Monday afternoon, and then all day Wednesday and Friday. (This schedule has not been a good thing for him.) But anyhow, my friend may have to drive the 20 miles to my home to drop him off at the bus, or he can take a county transit system, that worries me a little. They do pick up children his age and younger and take them to school for a fee, but my 5 year old on a bus without ya know 30 other kids, scares me. So I think I will probably just end up asking my friend to take him and pay her the gas money. I would feel better about that, hopefully she will too. There is less then 9 weeks left of school, so it is not that big of deal, but I feel truly blessed to have her as a friend. We have been friends for over 25 years!!

Jacob is having a hard time reading and writing sentences and I am hoping the homeschooling helps him with this. I also hope it helps him learn to sit still and pay attention, we will see. Some things come with age, I believe this is one of those things. Now the reading and writing, it is a little weird to me, because Kindergarten for me was coloring, recess and napping. They want kids to know so much more now. I try to work with him everyday, and the great thing is that he absolutely loves learning. It is not a punishment to him to have to sit down and do an hour more of reading and writing at night. So that is so nice, and I hope that he is going to love the schooling at my friends.

After school is out this year, will we be going to visit my sister in Arizona. I will stay for about a week and then Jacob stays with her for about two more weeks. This has been something we have done for a few years now. He loves it, I miss him a lot, but I love it too. Since his father is not in the picture, this is my only time for myself, which probably sounds selfish, but hey, it is time to myself. Plus he is 5 years old and can swim like a fish and dive down and get rings and all that good stuff.

Yup, that's him, getting rings off the bottom of my sisters pool (actually this is when he was 4).

After the vacation with my sister, he will return to his original daycare, County Kids. He loves it there and they love him. They swim and do very fun activities. He is excited about returning. Then hopefully he will go onto 1st grade and I will be able to get him onto the bus and then I will not have to worry about daycare or anything like that. Oh, how nice would that be. He will continue to spend his summers at County Kids until he is old enough to watch himself. For boys, what it that, like 25? Just kidding!!