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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I can not believe it, but school is almost over. They just changed the last day of school to June 5. Which is so wonderful for me. We leave for Arizona on June 7th - although, if I would have know I would of scheduled an early flight - but this will cause for a lot less running around on the day we are leaving. It is getting closer. He has 3 more full days and one half day (which is his last day). And 3 more days of Sea Lions. Then I get 1 week (well almost) to relax in the beautiful sun and then 2 weeks when I will be free, free I say!! Don't get me wrong - I do miss him while he is with my sister - but it is so nice to be able to miss him. Sometimes I think that we need to miss each other more. It seems we are always together, although, I know this is not true because he tells me that I am at work all the time and he wishes that I would just stay home with him. I tell him that without me working he could not have toys, or food, but he thinks the solution is for me to "find him a dad" and then "he can buy the food". Nice, eh? Well, he is going through this stage right now, please God let it be a stage, where he would like every single bit of my attention at every second!! Unless, I am telling him what or how to do something, then he would like me to leave him alone.

The principle from his school just called me. My heart jumped into my throat.

Me - "Yes, Mr. Principle."
Mr. Principle - "Um, JJ just informed us that he ate a purple flower on the bus this morning."
Me - "Oh, um......ok"
Mr. Principle - "Well, I am not sure who exactly gave him this flower and he, of course, has no idea. But we wanted to inform you, he seems to be fine, but we can call poison control if you would like."
Me - "No, I think he will be ok, I am sure he has ate worse."

I am such a great mom. My son now on top of having a really hard time listening, is eating flowers. When does this stop again? Oh yeah, its just lile a roller coaster, it has it ups and downs. But I have to say, the good things, even if sometimes they seem like they are less often, out measure the bad. He says things like "I love you up to the sky and back" and "I have a hard time sleeping if I don't snuggle with you first", ok, yeah, so sometimes it to get out of going to sleep, but hey, he loves me, and for those of you who have children, you know that a love like that is just.....priceless....wonderful and I can not imagine my life without it.

We are starting to plan his 6th birthday, which is almost 4 months away. He likes to start early. My child would like to have it at our local Chinese restaurant. So this year the theme is Chinese and dinosaurs, his two very favorite things. I am sure it will be fun. This will be the first party where he will be able to invite his friends that aren't just my friend's children. It will be different, I do not know any of them really, and some I do not care for already, but I figure my mom let me make my own mistakes. And I hope that he will meet someone that remains his friend, my best friend is a friend that I have had since I was around 5. It is amazing, and sometimes when we are together we act about 5, but it is fun!!


I talked to JJ last night and appearantly he ate the flower tasted good!! Well, that solves that mystery. This will go in my file..thing I never thought I would say..."Please do not eat flowers."


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Some flowers are considered delicacies, so perhaps your son is just a gourmet ahead of his time. But all kids put stuff in their mouths. Well, for that matter, it's also a man thing.

The chinese and dinosaurs theme is insanely sweet. I think I may steal it for my own party!


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