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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh yeah, I have a blog

I am really bad at this. JJ is home and doing well. I enrolled him into a summer school program in Math and Reading. He does the homework and send it in, they grade it and send it back. I finally feel comfortable about my decision to let him go onto 1st grade. He is pretty smart. We are still working on the reading and writing. He is getting closer, and hopefully by the time school starts he will be ready. Although, he did tell me the other night that he changed his mind and he did not want to go into the 1st grade. The reason? He will not be able to have fun anymore. I wanted to say 'get use to it kid', but I said that was not true and learning is fun. Of which, I am fairly certain he does not believe me. Anyhow - summer is going by quickly, and I have a lot to do between now and the end of September. Even weekend in September is full, JJ 6th bday party, a trip up north to Mackinaw, and finally my sister's baby shower. Oh, yeah, my sister is pregnant. It is going really well, she already past the point where she lost her first. They have done all the testing and she (it's a girl!) is testing very healthy. Big relief!! Anyhow, August will be spent getting ready for all these adventures. JJ is in a parade this week in the town I live in. He will be dressed as the Tin Man. I will try to post pics.

I wanted to post pics from his vacation - but it won't let me - I will try again later.

Ok - finally - here we are - the boys' vacation to Disneyland...


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